Stick House

An exercise in Improvisational Carpentry.


 Building the Stick House

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 ''That's the nice thing about building these places. Nothing is predetermined. You stand there with a pile of twigs and branches and then you work up a pattern, a feel. It's 'It lacks a little something.' You kind of sculpt them.'' --Mr. Torrance, improvisational carpenter 

Chairs show perspective.  

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Last stick added was a ridgepole of sorts

Stickhouse update, April, 2007:

'Sombrueil' rose on improvised arbor with  stone discovered when a field was recently plowed, in place. The stick house has sweet peas. Moon flowers are just starting at the back, 'Cecile Brunner' is starting to climb the far side and two teensy 'Nelly Moser' clematis are beside the front uprights.