Constituent Services

Being an effective state legislator is more than voting on bills and attending meetings in Trenton. It takes a commitment to advocacy at the state level on behalf of your constituents.
Senator Pou and her staff have that commitment.
In fact, one of the reasons why Senator Pou is such a forceful and effective advocate for her constituents is because she-- and her staff-- are good listeners. They understand the pulse of the community.
When governmental red tape seems too thick to cut through, when the maze of state laws and regulations seem too confusing to navigate, or when an individual's voice is being drown out by the cries of special interests, Senator Pou and her professional, full-time staff can help.
If you are a resident of the 35th district and you have an issue or concern with some aspect of state government, or if you would like an official recognition of a recent accomplishment in your life or the life of a loved one, please contact the Senator's office and someone will be happy to assist you.

The Office of Senator Nellie Pou
100 Hamilton Plaza, Suite 1405
Paterson, New Jersey 07505
Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday
9AM - 5PM
(973) 247-1555
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