Today is 5th December 2001. I`m 20-year-old girl who have been meditating over a year now. So what Sahaja yoga and meditation have done for me? They have done everything. Sahaja yoga have given me peace. It have given me complete peace inside. And this peace I've been searching very hard before I found it with Sahaja yoga. I used to ask people what is the meaning of life. What are we here for? What is the truth? And I got answers like "All of us have thought those questions at least once, but they will fade away. You won`t think those questions so hard when you are in my age."

But luckily I didn't have to give up. I found Sahaja yoga. And with meditation I found my self. Introspection had come a lot easier than it was before Sahaja yoga meditation. Now I have like better equipments for it and I can heal my self from depression, anger and everything like that. Thou it`s not easy in every case. But I know I'm improving all the time. Inside I have really strong feeling about it and it helps me when life feels harder than usual. And above all I have learned to enjoy more of living. Well actually I can`t say "I`ve learned it" it all have just happened. And I'm very thankful to H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who have found this Sahaja yoga method.

Main thing in Sahaja yoga is that you become thoughtlessly aware. So that is how you can see things clearly. It helps you in many ways. For example you can concentrate better on lectures , on your homework, on your job. You won`t get tired so easily, you don't loose your temper so easily, ... And with art it gives you creativity. All those ideas just flows trough you and you will be amazed how beautiful things you will create or how wonderful music you will create or what ever. This creativity comes also in your everyday life. But what is this where you get all those ideas? It is the Power of Love, God or this Energy all around uss or what ever you may call it.

I`ve experienced these things in my own life. Like now I`m studying a pottery. Sometimes I feel like I don`t know what should I do with some work. Then I maybe meditate for a while or just ask deep inside of me "Mother, please give me the idea how to solve this". And then I leave it. And suddenly I will found out that my problem has been solved. For example I`ve had a wonderful idea how to decorate this satue! It have happened every time when I`ve asked a question with very humble and pure heart.

This Energy of Love will take care of you all the time. And you will know it clearly when you are in Sahaja yoga, when you have got your selfrealisation and meditated for a while.