Vieren van de diversiteit via muziek uit het zuiden:

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foto Colijn Buis van Tanja Harris

La Convivencia, stemmen van het zuiden.

I'm initiator of a new project. This will become a new music-theatreproduction. It will be about the historical time that there was a great cultural climate and a scientifically high standard of living in the south of Spain, Narbonne, Orange, Aquitanië. There will be special attention for Marocan musical influences and Jewish middle-age heritage like Sephardic music.

Art-history project: A story of Kampen / Hart van de Handel

Because of my work as a playwright, for many years now, I became skilled in doing historical research for many periods of history. I went to quite a few archives, libraries, historical institutions as in Zeist, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Antwerp, Birmingham, Reims, New York, and recently in Kampen. In Kampen I have been asked to do research on one of the oldest houses, probably a former merchant house, which is completely rebuild and restaurated in an incredible way, after years of demolition. It is the 'Huys der Kunsten' Voorstraat 20.

For me it is an honour to make stories in 3D visible as an artist, also because I will be able to use a studio on the second floor overthere, where I can work when ever I want. This studio has walls from the late 14the century (!!) and is very inspiring, although it has some dark sides too...Also the lovely old village of Kampen, in the 15th century playing a major role in Europe commerce and trade, is beautiful and interesting. The archives have great contents like old leather books as the 'digestum vetum' . It contains details about daily life written by the city-secretary Peter Henricks from about 1455-1476.It is a good job, which will help to make history come to life.

There are some interesting links to Portuguese tradesmen in the 15th century(!) , probably early Jewish Tradesmen, which, seen my lifelong interest in Jewish music and culture, ofcourse is very interesting. In the year 1477 these 'Portuguese' gave two lions to the city of Kampen, so heartily was their relationship!! It is interesting to get to know more about the tradesman in Voorstraat 20, who surely will have been present at the time the two lions arrived!!

Najaar 2018:

Expositie van beelden en schilderijen in Het Castellum Alpen aan den Rijn.


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God en geld, en het verraad rond Oldenbarnevelt:



Ik werk aan dit nieuwe beeld. Het heet 'Op de vlucht'


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