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Coronal Mass Ejection Disaster Exercise - NOV 8-10, 2015

posted Nov 3, 2015, 5:07 AM by Unknown user
Louisiana ARES will be participating in a multi-day DOD MARS contingency communications exercise on Sunday, November 8th. The Coronal Mass Ejection event will focus on improving the cooperation between MARS and the amateur radio community.

ARES needs your assistance in establishing radio-only contact with amateur radio operators in all 64 Louisiana Parishes, during the Sunday afternoon and evening. The exercise objective is to obtain situational awareness information of local conditions following a nation-wide crisis event. For each Parish, net control will request: 
  • Call Sign
  • Parish name
  • Status of the following services: 
    • power
    • water
    • sanitation
    • medical
    • communications
    • transportation
Only real-world information is collected. Simulated conditions are not reported - if the power is really on, then the report  shall be the power is on. Your checking should be: 


During the net MARS stations will check into the net to obtain the above information for relay to MARS nets. 

Your ARES Staff and Net Control operators may active brief local nets on Sunday afternoon to help reach everyone. The local report will be compiled and sent to the State ARES Net at 19:30. We will also be able to accept reports on the ARES Digital Net before and after the voice net. 

Thanks again for your interest in supporting this exercise.

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