Nejasayoil L.L.C.

Services :

   "Country Management". Local management direction and                    coordination of all government entities and operation logistics                related to Exploration and Production operations. 

    Advise on Exploration Strategy. Countries, areas, basins, blocks,     logistics, manpower, commerciality, concessions, level of                       investment, farm-in and farm-outs, search for giant hydrocarbon            accumulations. 

             Direction and counseling on diverse Exploration and Production         projects when trying to determine the and long term viability of the         projects and commercial success.

    Mentoring and coaching on Exploration Hydrocarbon Methodology     for exploration groups to determine the best play areas to find                commercial hydrocarbons.

Advise on Exploration and Production, investments in Latin America and enter strategy.

Advise on best potential commercial hydrocarbon basins in Latin America.

Coaching “explorationists” on an organized system to find prospective areas with potential giant hydrocarbon fields/reserves.

Logistics, coordination and representation with Government Agencies on Exploration and Production projects.

Fast track and risk evaluation of bid rounds and blocks for potential commercial discoveries.

Basin Geopressure Analysis to determine additional geological factors for the evaluation of potential hydrocarbon discoveries.

Integration of "GEOPRESSURES" to the generation of Play-Risk Maps on Basin Analysis Methodology.


"Advanced in-house Geopressure exploration courses and workshops, in Spanish with Spanish manuals" (see PFD's below).

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