Or you can skip all this and go straight to the important stuff.

Neil is an open source application for making music on Linux. It is a kind of music software known as a tracker. It is similar to the famous buzz for Windows. Neil was forked off Aldrin project because it was not being developed smoothly enough and, since Aldrin was the only Linux application I could actually make music on, I wanted to secure it from being made unusable (for me at least, so no offense to original developers - you did a great job).

There is a list of central principles I want to follow when working on neil and they are as follows:
  1. Simplicity - everything should be made as simple as possible but not any simpler.
  2. Stability over features. All new features should be implemented as machines if possible.
  3. High quality, complete and fully documented standard plug-in set.
These are subject to amendment.

As for a list of available features here is what Neil has right now:
  • 4 virtual analogue synths
  • 2 FM synths
  • 1 granular synth
  • 1 physical modelling synth
  • many effects
  • a lot more