Learn how to run a controlled experiment in ASSISTments

On July 28, 2014, we launched our new grant from NSF called Adding Research Accounts to the ASSISTments Platform: Helping Researchers Do Randomized Controlled Studies with Thousands of Students. The launch of this grant was in the form of a webinar outlining what a controlled study looks like in ASSISTments and how to get started.  The following was the video I put up.

YouTube Video

You can read the abstract of the NSF grant to learn how you can join the group of researchers from ten universities, including Harvard, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Berkeley, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Notre Dame, and University of Illinois-Chicago who have used this system to  conduct studies using ASSISTments. The current 50,000 ASSISTments student-users will reduce the cost of doing your study because the subjects are already available. Plus we email your data, and let you know when it looks like you have a reliable effect.  

You can see images from these studies and get links to published papers at ASSISTments: As a researchers tool  

I have made a website for folks to learn how to apply.  How to Create a Controlled Experiment in ASSISTments - this includes instructions on how to create an account.

Drs. Pelligrino and Heffernan have submitted another grant to support 100 more researchers.   You can read all about our plans to try to help hundreds of researchers.  The full text of the grant is available in this link