Teaching (Undergraduate)


Teaching Experience

Professor Department of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 2002-present

Teaching Assistant. Human Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University. 2001

Math and Science Teacher. Ephraim Curtis Middle School, Sudbury Public Schools.1998-1999

Teaching Assistant  Data Structures (1996), Artificial Intelligence (1997), Human Computer Interaction (2001), Carnegie Mellon University

Math and Science Teacher. Holy Spirit Catholic School, Baltimore, MD 

Science Teacher. Booker T. Washington Middle School, Baltimore Public Schools, Baltimore, MD.  Teach For America. 1993-1994

Amherst College: Helped run Student for Educational Equality. Ran a one-on-one tutoring program pairing up Amherst College students with inner-city children in Holyoke. MA .1989-1993

Courses Taught at WPI

Undergraduate Courses

  • 2002 Fall B-Term: CS 4341: Artificial Intelligence. (52 students) 
  • 2005 Spring: D-term: CS 4341: Artificial Intelligence. (80 students)
  • 2006 Fall: A-term: CS 4341: Artificial Intelligence. (40 students)
  • 2007 Spring D-Term: CS 2102: Object Oriented Design (the first Java class students take at WPI.) (69 students)
  • 2008 Spring D-Term: CS 2102: Object Oriented Design (the first Java class students take at WPI.) (64 students)
  • 2009 Fall B  Term: CS 4341 Artificial Intelligence. (48 students)
  • 2011 Spring D Term: CS 4341 Artificial Intelligence. (81 students)
  • 2012 Fall B Term: CS 4341 Artificial Intelligence. (20 students)
  • 2013 Fall A Term CS4341 Artificial Intelligence. (34 students)
  • 2015 Fall A Term CS4341 Artificial Intelligence. (54 students)
  • 2016 Spring C Term CS4341 Artificial Intelligence. (57 students)

Graduate Courses

  • 2002 Fall: CS 534: Artificial Intelligence. (21 students)
  • 2003 Spring: CS 525: Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Cognitive Modeling. (13 students)
  • 2004 Spring: CS 538: Expert Systems. (Took over for Dave Brown)
  • 2004 Spring: CS 525: Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Cognitive Modeling. (13 students)
  • 2004 Fall: CS 534 : Artificial Intelligence. (7 students)
  • 2006 Spring: CS 525: Intelligent Tutoring System and Cognitive Modeling. (9 students)
  • 2006 Fall: CS 525: Advanced Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Web-based Technologies and Knowledge Tracing. (9 students)
  • 2007 Fall: CS 525: Pedagogical Agents. (9 students)
  • 2008 Fall: CS 525 Intelligent Tutoring Systems. (9 students run as a ISP)
  • 2009 Fall: CS 525: Empirical methods for CS student. (Assisted Joe Beck in teaching this class). (8 students)
  • 2010 Fall: CS 525 User Modeling: 7 of 9 of the students got a paper published. 
  • 2010 Spring 2010: CS 525 Intelligent Tutoring Systems. (12 students)
  • 2011 Fall CS 568 AI for Adaptive Technologies. (10 students)
  • 2012 Fall CS 568 AI for Adaptive Technologies. (13 students)
  • 2012 Spring: CS 534: Artificial Intelligence. (26 students)
  • 2013 Spring: CS 565 User Modeling. (11 students)
  • 2014 Spring: 568 AI for Adaptive Technologies. (16 students)
  • 2014 Fall: CS 565 User Modeling. (12 students)
  • 2015 Fall: CS  525 Online Learning Infrastructure (13 students)
  • 2016 Fall: 568 AI for Adaptive Technologies

Here is the list of IQP and MQP projects.  Over 100 students have done such projects in my lab. 
 Date    IQP/MQP   
 Authors (Students)
Latent Semantic Analysis Use in a Museau Exhibit Fusaro, Michael Vincent https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/04D287M/
 2004 IQP Analysis of an ITS: The Assistments Project Aniszczyk, Christopher Richard. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/04D225I.pdf
 2004 MQP Warrior Tutoring:Intelligent Tutoring Sys for US Army Moyer, Dale Christopher. http://www.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/04C012M
 2004 MQP Machine Learning in Intelligent Tutoring SystemsJarvis, Matthew &  Nuzzo-Jones, Goss F. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/04D022M.pdf
 2005 IQP Analysis of 8th Grade MCAS ITS: Assistment Project Haines, Charles Allen https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/05C014I.pdf
 2006 IQP Effective Teaching Methods Potter, Emily June & Paduroiu, Andrei https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/06C012I.pdf
 2006 IQP Improving Online Tutoring Content Pardos, Zachary A.,  Quinn, Patrick J & Sader, Paul M.
 2006MQP Scaffolding in Computer Aided Learning Spetla, Hattie and Radtke, Derek B. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/06D040I.pdf
 Curriculum Tools in the ASSISTment Project Walsh, Jonathan B. & Schafer, Roger J. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/06D430M.pdf
 Knowledge Engineering for Intelligent Tutoring Kardian, Kevin R.     https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042706-151937/
 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Middle School Lourenco, Abraao N. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042406-060014/
 2006MQP Using Bayesian Networks to Predict Test Scores Pardos, Zachary A.
 2006IQPThe Role of Multimedia in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
 Petrova, Olga
 2006IQP Intelligent Tutoring System Project Ushakov, Igor https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/06D052I.pdf
 2007IQP Methods of Tutoring with the Assistment Program Curran, David T., Gjata, Loren & Lamoureaux, David
 2007IQP The Assistment Project Freeman, Christopher P., Taylor, Roderick, Tudor, Cosmin & Zhang, Michael Longqiang
 Impact of Scaffolding in an ITS Holroyd, Aaron G and Harrington, Ramon D. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-030607-001035/
 Enhancing Web-Based Tutoring with Scaffolding Sader, Paul M. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Scanned/07C013I.pdf
 2008IQP Electronically Aiding Student's Learning Judd, Sarah E https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-051408-115451/
 2008IQP Comparison Between Scaffolding and Worked Example Maharjan, Ashish https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-052108-132443/
Interactive Worked Examples Learning Strategy in the Assistm Svoboda, Ryan D. & Holban, Emilia D. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042408-125555/
The ASSISTment Project Wu, Jeslin J. & Svirchuk, Boris A. https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-051508-062025/
The ASSISTment Project Hints vs. Worked Examples Bruner, Christopher R.https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042408-145035/
 2008IQPThe ASSISTment Project Hints vs. Worked Examples Dailey, Matthew Daniel https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042408-160311/
 2008IQPWhich Works Better: Worked Examples or Hint Messages? Golovnya, Denis V., Luca, Mihai T. & Statelova, Antoniyra T.
 2008IQPThe Assistment Project: Hints and Worked Examples McCarthy, Thomas Patrick https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042508-122419/
 2008IQP Science ASSISTments: Tutoring Inquiry SkillsRichardson, Jacqui Oharahttps://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-052808-133203/
 2008IQP Mastery Learning Leads to Better Learning: 7th Grade Zeljkovic, Mihajlo, Wang, Yi, Shi, Yuan & Madera, Ricardo https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-050509-171031/
 The Effectiveness of Mastery Learning Bailey, Samuel M., Goldish, Simon & Hayes, Alysia
 Mastery Learning
Gamache, Christopher M., Maghfur, Anas & Zhong, Billy
 2009IQP Assistment Project Comparing Learning Through Hints & Abstrcts
 Koakiettaveechai, Punsak https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-050709-135338/
 2009MQP Sequencing Content in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Radtke, Derek B.
 2009MQP Advanced Techniques for Automated Deployment and Testing Svoboda, Ryan
 2009IQP Rapid Generation of Isomorphic Tutoring Vartak, Manasi Pradeep    
 Education AssistmentsCostello, Peter, Kevorkian, Christopher & Moyer, Daniel
 2010IQP Effectiveness: Hints vs.Complete Explanation with ASSISTmentGould, Sarah G., Li, Ruowang & Southard, Steven J.
 2010IQPStudying the Effect of Web Site Tutoring on LearningKnapp, Matthew, Ksiazek, Paul & Mitchell, Daniel F.
IQPEducational Study Replication Using AssistmentCrocker, Matthew L., Moniz, Samuel L. & Truong, Ethan
IQP The Assistments Investigations Pradhan, Prabodha Raj, Saleem, Muhammed Bilal & Singh, Ravi
MQP Educational Games Song, Samuel InHo
 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the ARRS System Carr, Matthew, Daisley, ashley & Fischer, Sarah A.
IQPLearning Through Automatic Reassessment and RetestingSpangenberger, Anthony G. & Win, Tin Myo https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-050311-141519/
Analysis of ASSISTments Online Tutoring System and Accuplacer Ayenson, Michael D., Ferreira, Matthew A. & Zhu, Linhaihttps://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-030112-120331/
 2012IQP Intelligent Tutoring System Birch, Alexandra L., Namias, Jeffrey & Palmer, Quinten https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-042612-121058/
 2012IQP Randomized Controlled Experiments Conducted in ASSISTments Namias, Jeffrey A.
 2013IQP Effectiveness of Directive Feedback using ASSISTments Do, Anh, Thanh, Minh-Tri Ho & Trieu, Nghia Kien
 Online Educational Games? Effect on Learning Mann, Kevin D.
 2013IQP The 15-40 Connection meets ASSISTments McGrath, Brent D. & Beaulieu, James A.
 2013IQP ASSISTments: Motivational Video Study O'Neil, Kelseigh M. & Boroyan, David E.
 2013IQP Testing the Effectiveness of Educational Tools and Games Ko, Soe Thet & Htet, Aung Thu
 2013IQP Testing the Effectiveness of Educational Tools and Games Daley, Chane Maximillian
 The 15 - 40 Connection Meets ASSISTments Sullender, Meagan Elizabeth
 2014IQP Applying Humor to Homework, Good or Bad?
 Desmarais, Patrick; Machlin, Samuel Brian & Roseen, Taylor Michael
 2014IQPThe 15-40 Connection Tutorial through ASSISTments: Use of Proactive Knowledge in Control vs Experiment
 Amaia L Gritsko, Rachel Helen Pineda, Jessica Meredith Sacks,https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-030614-235031/
IQP A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Video versus Text: Video Tutoring in High School Mathematics Assignments Using ASSISTments  Brian Robert Froehlich, Peter Michael Guarino, Jonathan P Labrie,https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-050714-150501/
 2014IQP Effectiveness of Tutoring Video on Wheelspinning using ASSISTments     Tu Anh Hoang, Hai Hoang Nguyen, Long Thanh Pham
 Pham, Long; Hoang, Tu; & Nguyen, Haihttps://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-050714-150501/
The Hidden Value of Common Wrong Answers 
 Li, Bohao & Selent, Douglas
ASSISTments Interactive Qualifying Project
 Nguyen, Thinh Lam Truong
 2015IQPExploring New Tutoring Strategies with ASSISTmentsLa, Sam, Li, Kevin, McMahon, Nicholas P. & Zagorski, Jacob    
 Visual versys Text contents: Adaptive Tutoring for Mathematics Assignments on ASSISTments
 Nguyen, Long Hoang & Pham, Duc Minh
IQPassistment Le, Nguyen Gia & Nguyen, Loc
 2016IQPdocASSIST Roberts, Christian Alexander & Touma, Jean Marc
 2016IQPContinued Developing of docASSIST: A Google Doc Add-on Armsby, Zachary
 2016IQPQuizASSIST: Mobile Application for ASSISTments
 Wang, Yiren
 2016IQP ASSISTments: Experiments on Learning Styles and Strategies in Web Based Homework Assignments Gatsos, Theofilos & Ireland, Steven P.
 2016IQP ASSISTments    
 Tran, Duc Hong https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/E-project/Available/E-project-050316-095841/
IQP Adding to docASSIST: A Google Docs Add-on Tarquinio, Gianluca
 2017IQP Effective Online Practice Strategies Using the ASSISTments Framework Aki, Jacob Mackenzie, Croteau, Adam Nathan & Walsh, Ryan Patrick     
 2017IQP QuizASSIST IQP Biney, Ama, Martinovic, Dario & Petit, Andrew
 2017IQP Google Classroom Integration With docASSIST a Google Docs Add-on Tapply, Cory M. & Valcourt, Trevor J.
 2017IQP PLACEments Interactive Qualifying Project Motova, Larisa & Piazza, Mathew W.
 2017IQP Research Using ASSISTments Test Bed Kraus, Hannah L.     
 Improving the maintainability, reliability and the usability of an existing software system Liu, Yang
 2018IQPImplication of Self-Determination Theory on Student Performance
 Dennler, Nathaniel Steele
 DocASSIST: Google Docs Add-On Development
 Borges, Fabio

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