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ASSISTments & Research Related Issues
  • I am well-known for the web-based system I created called ASSISTments. ASSISTments has been featured by the New York Times and other reputable media outlets. Read about my work under the Press link. 
  • On December 7, 2016, I gave a talk at the White House about the results of the ASSISTments platform. invited to the White House to present upon the results of ASSISTments. 
  • Based on the results of many replication studies, ASSISTments is proven to be 'highly effective' time and time again. Please read more about the ASSISTments replication studies. 
  • This video explains the results from the efficacy trial of ASSISTments conducted by SRI and published in an AERA Open journal article.
  • YouTube Video

  • Most folks think that ASSISTments is a great public service, and it is, but a less understood aspect of ASSISTments is it's also used as a shared scientific instrument. Click here  or here for pieces I wrote about the importance of shared scientific instruments. In October 2016, I gave a talk at the White house about shared scientific instruments. Here is what I prepared ahead of time and shared with the groups. With the funding of the NSF, ASSISTments has been used, in partnership with a dozen other universities, as a shared scientific instrument to conduct randomized controlled trials. See these examples here. If you want to propose a randomized controlled trial to do inside ASSISTments, learn more here
    • We remove any information from datasets that identifies individual students. You can access to all of our data here

               In addition to his AI research and work with the ASSISTments Foundation, Dr. Heffernan teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses at WPI. These            courses include but are not limited to:

    • Artificial Intelligence for Adaptive Educational Technology (CS 568).
    • User Modeling, which focuses on educational data mining (CS 565).
    • Special Topics: Online Education (CS 525).
    • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS 4341).
Other stuff:
  • I direct multiple grant-funded projects spending about a million dollars a year. 
  • The ASSISTments team just released docASSIST, a Google docs add-on.
  • The ASSISTments team has also  just released a Google App for Google Classroom to make it easy for schools to integrate ASSISTments into the classroom.  

                Learn more about my work and the ASSISTments platform:

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