I have just completed by PhD at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Richard Pettigrew. The focus of my research is the foundations of Logic, particularly the issues surrounding the normative evaluation of logics, though I am of course also interested in the related metaphysical and epistemological issues too (not to mention those questions which overlap with the Philosophy of Mathematics)! My approach to the Philosophy of Logic incorporates many of the tools and methods more usually found within the Philosophy of Science - in a very general sense, you might say I adopt a naturalistic, practise-led approach. Even more generally, you might say I undertook the Philosophy of Science of Logic! Towards the end of my PhD, I increasingly became interested in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience and the Philosophy of mind - and this is the direction in which my current research has taken me (for more details on my research, click the 'About Me' page and for information on my talks and papers see the aptly entitled Papers/Talks/Conferences page).

I'm an accredited associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and I've had the pleasure of teaching a number of courses, including:
    • Introduction to Philosophy A (Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology)
    • Introduction to Philosophy B (Applied Ethics, Ethics and Political Philosophy)
    • Introduction to Logic (Propositional and Predicate Logic)
    • Realism and Normativity
    • Philosophy of Mathematics
For a more detailed list of my teaching experience, have a look at my CV or Teaching pages. The teaching pages also contain a number of resources for students. Other details regarding the courses I have taught can be found on the University of Bristol website. For students looking for general information, documents, support etc. please click here.

I'm always happy to discuss philosophy and I'm particularly interested in hearing thoughts and feedback from any talks I have given. Please drop me an email at nc9717@my.bristol.ac.uk if you fancy having a chat about the foundations of Logic, the Philosophy of Neuroscience, or anything else for that matter!