Neighbours’ Episodes


Last updated: 2nd July 2016

In the summer of 2000, I bought a TV card for my computer which meant I could record videos from TV.  I've always been a fan of Neighbours and I started recording it because I thought it would be cool to keep the episodes.  I started uploading the episodes to the Internet and began sharing them with the world.  Since then, I have been to University, graduated, spent 12 years working professionally, moved house about seven times, been on nearly 200 flights, got married and travelled tens of thousands of miles around the world to four different continents, for business and pleasure.  Neighbours moved from BBC1 to Channel Five, and TV broadcast changed from analogue to digital.  YouTube was born and video on-demand became more and more common.  In all that time and during all those events, I have barely missed a single episode.  I now have a personal archive of nearly sixteeen years of Neighbours, something I think is an amazing achievement and probably unique.  When I started, I was recording Neighbours on VHS cassettes before converting to computer format and my computer had less than 10GB of disk capacity.
It's true to say that far fewer people make use of my site now than they used to, mainly because of the way the Internet has grown and because of the ability to watch Neighbours online from Channel Five.  There are still those from foreign parts who make use of it. 

I am now entering a new phase of my life because I am moving to America to live and work.  For that reason it is now time for me to stop watching and recording Neighbours.

So I bid you farewell.  Thanks to all those who have supported me.  Sometimes I wonder how I managed to keep doing this for so long.  I can only apologise to those of you who will be disappointed that my service has stopped.  I wish I didn't have to let you down.

All the best,


Episode archive:
To help find the date or episode number of an episode you are looking for,  I suggest using the ‘Episode Index’ part of Neighbours Worldwide Fanpages.

The dates I mention are when the episodes were shown at that time in England. 

The filenames follow the format of NNNN-DDMMYY.avi,  where NNNN is the Neighbours’ episode number.   So, for example, an episode shown on the 12th of February 2008 would be called 5332-120208.avi.

Make sure you have the Xvid Codec installed to play the episodes.