Our original strategy for growing this project was to put together a role-play scenario to game first-responder activities and, as soon as the pandemic reached a critical point, to trigger the activity of prepared neighborhood activists.  First responders, together with local and state health officials and political leaders, would have played their roles, providing real-time opportunities to address important practical and policy issues identified during the game-play.

This proved to be a difficult strategy to implement due to the degree of complexity and buy-in required by so many people. We therefore have moved the role-play back to a later date, and are pursuing a more conventional strategy of creating a working committee which can build political and social support for the effort, and concurrently begin discussing and developing consensus around methods of preparation.

Both of these elements - building the committee and discussing preparation methods - are taking place at Neighbors Together's companion teambuilding site, To join us, please go to that site. This site will be reserved for the content that emerges from that site's consensus-building effort.