Rationale for Preparation

Neighborhoods were once considered to be the foundation of Civil Defense but since World War II have been largely forgotten. The members of the Neighbors Together believe that neighborhoods are the missing actors in disaster preparedness, that informed and mobilized residents and community organizations can bring to bear powerful social resources that, as citizen response to Hurricane Katrina demonsrated, can complement the activities of official agencies.

Disasters such as earthquakes, fires and terrorist incidents are not likely to have such generalized consequences as a deadly avian flu pandemic but, on the other hand, may be more likely to occur. Either way, as in planning for unlikely nuclear reactor accidents, it is important to plan and prepare, materially and organizationally. If the bird flu is our “worst case scenario”, then any preparation for the flu is likely to be useful in adapting to any other kind of disaster. In the event that government agencies prove unable to cope fully with a disaster, advance agreement within neighborhoods and between neighborhoods and first-responder agencies will be the best possible insurance against pandemonium. Therein lies the best hope for the preservation of individuals, families, and society.

Neighbors Together invites you to learn more about our plans, to get involved in their realization, and thereby to help yourself, your family, and your neighborhood to prepare, and to survive.