Welcome to Neighbors Together, where you can help create the tools and practices for neighborhood preparedness and response, and help your neighborhood prepare for the possibility of an avian influenza pandemic or other major disaster.

Among humans bird flu has been fatal in about half of all cases reported. After ten years of gestating in Southeast Asia, the H5N1 bird flu virus has burst out and has now been found in Europe and Africa. Smuggled eagles seized in Los Angeles by Customs agents were found to carry the virus. If it becomes infectious among humans, it will reach you and me and every person in the world. 

Though the probability of a bird flu pandemic is unknown, the consequences of a pandemic could be grave, with death-toll estimates in the millions. Experts generally agree that government and public health capabilities will be overwhelmed by any significant pandemic. Because there may be insufficient effective vaccine, broad government and public participation in containing the spread of the virus could be critical. 

The importance of preparing for the worst is obvious. But what if a pandemic flu never strikes? Then any preparation work done by your neighborhood can be applied to other disasters that might strike, whether fire, flood, earthquake or anything else. Neighbors Together chose to use pandemic flu as the focus for preparedness because, frankly, it's about the worst case imaginable - and anything people do for that will help them with lesser emergencies.

Please explore this site - right now in its infancy - and get involved. The work you do may not only help your neighborhood and family, it may help people in other parts of the country and world, people who may even be maintaining the transportation and computer systems that you and the rest of us depend upon. We live in an interlinked world, and all the work we do to make that world more robust and resistant improves everyone's safety and well-being in the event of a disaster.

Please get involved. It won't be easy to help people around the world to prepare. But it matters. Click on the Getting Started page to begin.