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Archives - Neighbors for Peace and Justice, San Fernando Valley

March 20, 2009: The Studio City Peace Vigil marks the 6th year since the invasion of Iraq.


March 21, 2009: Hollywood March & Rally. 




 MORE PHOTOS from Studio City & Hollywood






Marching for Peace in the Studio City Holiday Parade (Walking east on Ventura Blvd. from Whitsett to Laurel Canyon Blvd.) 






6th Anniversary Vigil  



The Studio City Peace Vigil's

6th Annual Street Corner Birthday Basharama
and Restoration of Democracy Jamboree!

Commemorate 6 Years on the Corner vigiling for peace
Celebrate the election of a man who can listen.

Friday 11-07-08  

Musicians: Ross Altman, Fred Starner, John Keller, Steve Fine, Michele Hutchins, Jimmy Muffin, Mike Boning, Ellen Silverman, Rick.
Spoken Word: Glory Mae
MC: Elke Heitmeyer

 Sound - Wade Novin

Camera - John Gaby & Jocelyne Fine

(Photos courtesy  Jim  Reid and Caroline Good)