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This flyer from the archives was our basic message during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, from November, 2002 until March 19, 2003.

The list of local vigils at the top changed, but the message in the box remained the same week after week.  Besides the core moral issue that war is wrong, especially as an act of aggression against a country that is not a threat to us despite the rush to war propaganda, the  key points presented a rational and logical argument against the venture by spelling out what the consequences would be.  These simple truths were news to a lot of people who picked up the flyer, because they weren't getting the information from the media.

The only thing we got wrong in the flyer was the estimated damage to the U.S. taxpayers for the Iraq War - $200 billion.  At the time, that figure, if heard at all, was dismissed out of hand.  Recall that the mainstream pundits and every reputable official in the Bush administration was selling a quick war to disarm Saddam and that it would pay for itself once the Iraqi oil fields were liberated from  his control. 


Turns out $200 billion was just the down payment for a trillion dollars plus power grab in the region.