What people are saying around the neighborhood about SCALE

Anderson Drive Resident Says:  I have seen this type of movement before.  First they scare you with overdevelopment talk then the next thing you know you have to ask permission what color to paint your house.  I moved here to get away from HOA’s not become one.


Claremont Road Resident Says:  We bought our property nine years ago in a neighborhood that was mostly rentals and undersized homes (less than 1000 sq.ft.).  We are thrilled with the progress and family stability on our street and want to maintain our current property rights.  We told the SCALE representative that downzoning would tremendously reduce our home equity value as we would be nonconforming if this action took place.  This seems not to matter.  Further, after talking with the City of Raleigh Zoning Dept, we realized that the info. at the meeting about the ease of which townhouses and condos could be built was false.  We are shocked that our "neighbors" would mislead us in this way.

We love our neighborhood, but now I am seeing this predatory rezoning effort as divisive and downright cruel. This action is destroying the harmony we once shared in our Fallon Park community.  It is deeply saddening that this small SCALE group would risk neighborhood unity for their own agenda.  They apparently want control, not harmony.  How distressing and sad for us all

Kittrell Drive Resident Says:  This is the most mean spirited campaign I have ever seen.  I have lived here for over 20 years and condo’s have never been a threat but someone knocked on my door trying to scare me into signing a petition.


Oxford Road Resident Says:   “someone told me that a cul-de-sac full of apartments was being built in Fallon Park.  I called the city they said the park was not for sale & sitting in a flood zone.. I am very confused & wonder why anyone would lie to me"


Five Points Resident Says:  I was planning on paying for my child’s education with the lots I had purchased.  Now I am told they might be considered “ghost” lots and I will lose the right to develop my own land.  This is a modern day witch hunt.


Claremont, Royster and Byrd Street Residents Say:  I just want to be afforded the same rights as I had when I bought the property nothing more, nothing less. 


Royster Street resident Says:  I never thought you would have to be in a "click" to be treated equally in this neighborhood.  It is a pure shame to see what is happening.

Area Resident  of 50 years Says:  I can't afford to sign a petition, I have seen neighbors get shunned by other neighbors for having a differing opinion.  It makes me not want to live here anymore.  Where did this SCALE group come from anyway?