Did you know?

1.    You cannot add a mother-in-law suite with a kitchen in R-4 zoned areas.

2.    Depending on neighborhood boundaries, MOST houses in the area don’t meet all of the current zoning criteria.  If you plan to renovate, you might be shockingly surprised it might not be allowed.

3.    Variances are granted by proving “hardship”.  It is hard to prove any type of hardship if you agree to downzoning or more restrictive regulations.

4.    The section of Royster St. between Anderson and Kittrell use to be a dirt road.  When plans to build these single family homes were discovered, the same type of rezoning attempt was made using the same scare tactics as today to prevent the homes from being built.  Luckily, we have had some great neighbors live in these houses the past 20 years despite activists' attempts to prevent them from living there.

5.    City Councilman Russ Stephenson was on NBC 17 News and stated that he was trying to pass legislation that would only allow you to build up to 10% higher than your neighbor.  (Do you want to limit the neighborhood to single story homes?) This type of legislation would cripple the area’s property values and lead to increased rental units.