Neighbors that CARE

Beware, SCALE is using PREDATORY DOWNZONING to infilct it's views on your property.  We are dedicated to protecting individual homeowners from these types of PREDATORY practices.

Neighbors that CARE

Community SCALE

Would like to continue and see a steady INCREASE in property values

At the CAC meeting May 9th a community scale representative stated that "they did not want property values to rise"

Think that the homeowner should have control over his/her own home as long as it is within city guidelines regarding height and setbacks for the area

Members stated they would like to see ALL projects “renovations and teardowns” to be approved by committee

Would like to see a manicured park that is more family friendly

Members have actively opposed suggestions to improve Fallon Park (including a single swing set for area children)

States they would support a downzoning to special R-6 to prevent condominiums

Will not entertain any compromise to protect property rights

Support property tax limits on senior citizens to protect their homes.

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