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 It's Summer and time for some fun on a day trip with your friends and neighbors on 

 Thursday, July 14, 2016 to:

Rhyne Clock
Newport, TN

Contact Shirley Butka 
or call her at 484-9611

$30.00 deposit required

In the 1890's Colonel Charles T. Rhyne, Sr. formed the Rhyne Lumber Company as a consolidation lumber yard alongside the mainline railroad serving the eastern United States. The Lumber company grew and changed over the years, and Rhyne Lumber Company began making furniture for national brands. While under the leadership of Bill Williams and Patsy Rhyne Williams, the company received a call from American Express. They needed Rhyne to build them a few thousand mantel clocks. Bill contacted the owner and master clock maker at Hermle Black Forest Grandfather Clocks. Hermle agreed to train three employees to hand build masterful Grandfather clocks according to German tradition and Heritage. Today, Rhyne and Hermle maintain solid business relationships. Visitors can purchase either hand-made Rhyne clocks or Hermle clocks imported from Germany.

But, visit you must. Inside an ancient factory in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains you will find a collection of the most exquisite grandfather clocks available in America. And, do to their location, craftsmen, and low overhead, these heirloom treasures are affordable

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