Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)


Suspicious activity is an event happening out of the ordinary. The more you know about your neighbors and your neighborhood, the more prepared you are to identify suspicious activity.


After taking the appropriate action with a proper authority, please notify your Neighborhood Watch leader so the event can be formally recorded.


If the suspicious activity can possibly result in an immediate threat of personal harm or property damage call 9-1-1 immediately. Please do not feel overwhelmed or stressed when this need is necessary. Calling 911 is meant for emergencies.


If you have a question or comment that is not urgent, call the Craven Count Sheriff’s Department’s non-emergency number found on the front page of the Sheriff’s Department tab on this website.


The role of the Fairfield Harbour Security can best be defined in a recent POA announcement.


In response to some unlawful incidents the Property Owners Association website released the following statement:


“…Also, please remember that Fairfield Harbour Security are not officers of the law and do not directly respond to domestic matters, breaking and entering incidents, or auto theft incidents.


The Sherriff’s Department is the proper FIRST LINE OF COMMUNICATIONS should these unfortunate incidents occur.   


Call 911 FIRST when there is any emergency. Your Fairfield Harbour Security members will assist in whatever way they can, but they are not authorized to act in matters such as these.”