Do notify Fairfield Harbour Security when you are leaving the community for an extended period.

Do change the locks immediately if you lose your house keys.

Do make your house look the same whether you are away or at home.


Do lock all doors and windows when you leave the house.


Do have good lighting around the place where you park.


Do keep all firearms secured and apart from ammunition


Do display the decals, and remember to test your alarm system periodically if you have one.


Don’t chat with a stranger about leaving your home for a vacation, a visit, etc.


Don’t leave notes on your door that can tip off burglars.


Don’t obstruct the front entrance of you home with overgrown shrubbery.


Don't forget that your garage door opener is a version of a key.


Don’t hide spare keys outside your home; instead give one to a trusted neighbor.


Don’t provide your house keys to service people.


Don’t invite strangers into your home.


Don’t tell strangers your daily routines.