Neighborhood Watch Organizational Chart


  • Coordinator
  • Senior Block Captain
  • Block Captain
  • Observer



Note: the information flow is bi-directional. It flows down the communications tree and also up the tree.


Coordinator:  provides leadership for the Neighborhood Watch Committee and establishes long and short term goals for developing a safer community.  Promotes the expansion of the program to include as many residents as possible and serves as the contact between the law enforcement agencies and the neighborhood.


Senior Block Captain: communicates with a group of Block Captains and assigns new Observers to appropriate teams. Answers questions, solves problems and are crucial to passing information up and down the organization in a timely manner. Participates in implementing the detailed security plans that will be beneficial for the neighborhood and maintains a master list of Watch members.


Block Captain: remains in touch with the Observers in his/her logical block (usually between 4 and 8 people). Forwards information from a Senior Block Captain to the Observers. The information to be forwarded may include educational material or reports of suspicious circumstances or committed offenses. Also informs the Senior Block Captain of suspicious observations.


Observer: accountable for focusing on home security and neighborhood security. Shares the knowledge of crime prevention with other neighbors. Properly defines and reports suspicious activity. Willing to serve as acting Block Captain as need arises.