What is the Fairfield Harbour Neighborhood Watch program?  It is a body of concerned citizens operating under its own initiative in cooperation with the Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association and the Craven County Sheriff’s Department.   The intent is to address home and neighborhood security issues. It is a program dedicated to crime prevention in our community and it teaches the basics of home security, neighborhood security and how to recognize suspicious activity. 


The program offers many benefits to you.  First, its presence will instill a greater sense of security and wellbeing while creating a greater "sense of community".  Participants in this program are taught how to take preventive measures that decrease the likelihood of becoming a crime victim. 


Other benefits include having more timely access to suspicious activity in our community. Participating residents report suspicious activity to Neighborhood Watch leaders and an email is forwarded to all participants across the entire community regarding that activity.  Where email is not available a phone call is made. You are also taught to be better prepared to identify suspicious activity and the best benefit of all: the program forces you to get to know your neighbors better.  

Law enforcement agencies report that an effective Neighborhood Watch program will clearly reduce the risk of your home being burglarized plus instances of other crimes such as vandalism and fraud.


Neighborhood Watch is NOT about you taking police action. It's about being a good neighbor. As a Fairfield Harbour resident, all you need to participate in the program is “eyes and ears”. See “Join The Watch” to become a member.