Board and Partners

Board Members

Det. Scott Adams

Perrin Anderl
        North Temple IHC Clinic

Det. Steve Bigelow

Steve Baum
University of Utah
Elisa Bridge                        
        Northwest Middle School

Kay Cameron
        Northwest Recreation Center

Carlton Christensen           
        City Council
Brian Fullmer                        
        City Council Office
Parley Jacobs
        West High School
Rick Jaramillo
        West High School

Rep. Jen Seelig
        State House of Representatives

Shawn McMillen
        First Step House

DeOna Sorenson            
        Community Member
Randy Sorenson                
        Glendale Community Council

Swen Sullivan
Smith's Pharmacy

Rebecca Walshe
        Family Resource Center (WHS)
Dr. Sarah Woolsey
        Ratcliffe Community Health Center
Jené Yochim
        Northwest Community Center

Agency Partners

Division of Water Quality