Neighborhood Photo, Inc.

Digital Photography Service for Families, Students, and Businesses Moving to San Diego


Getting Started

Del Mar Beach

"Because a photo is worth a thousand words..."

Step #1:  Identify Scope of Work

The first step is to email us at and explain what you are interested in.  Please include as much detailed and useful information as possible.  Are you interested in finding a residence, enrolling in school, or setting up a business?  What San Diego neighborhood or location are you interested in?  What, specifically, would you like our photographs to focus on?  If you are interested in a specific property, then please include its address.  In addition, make sure to include your name, your email address, and your phone number in your email.  Please also indicate the best time for Neighborhood Photo to call you, if necessary.  Once we agree on the scope of your project and estimate the number and type of photographs necessary to complete it, we will then settle on a price and move forward to Step #2.


Step #2:  Payment

Neighborhood Photo accepts personal checks, cashiers checks, and money orders.  Checks and money orders should be sent to the mailing address noted on the Contact Us page and made payable to Neighborhood Photo, Inc.  We accept checks drawn on foreign banks, but all checks must be in United States dollars.


Step #3:  Photographs

Upon receipt of payment, Neighborhood Photo will take the photographs and send them to you.  We will post the photographs online and email you a link to them.  Upon receiving the email link, you will be able to view, download, and print the photographs at your leisure.  Neighborhood Photo typically uses Google's Picasa web album service for online posting of photographs.

Alternatively, we can burn the photographs into a DVD and mail the DVD to you.

Either way, you will have a set of photographs available for view, download, and print that are customized personally for you!


It's that simple...


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