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Flea Market Donations

It's that time again to ask you for your "Unwanted Treasures". You have been very supportive with your donations in the past and hope you will do the same again this year. There are a few guidelines we are asking you to follow:
1) Absolutely no clothing or dhoes. (No room for either of them.)
2) Only paperback books and novels. No reference, how-to-books, Encyclopedias, or Reader's Digest - they do not sell.
3) All electrical appliances must work and have their parts.
4) Toys should be especially clean and ready for children to play with.
5) No worn out, broken, or unusable items.

It will make our job so much easier and go much faster if these guidelines are followed. We are asking, if at all possible, to put your donations in boxes when you place them on the stage. If you have large items, such as furniture and can't keep it until the flea market, please contact the church at 939-6921 and we will make arrangements to pick it up.


We will be selling soup and sandwiches at the flea market. We are asking for donations of homemade baked goods such as: cakes (esp. chocolate with peanut butter icing), brownies, rice krispie treats, fudge, and pies (could use some fruit pies). Please cut and bag your donations except for the cakes and pies. These will be sold by the piece for dessert. Donations should be brought to the kitchen by 2:00 pm on Friday. Please contact Sharon at 599-2916 if you have questions.


We will start setting up and sorting the donations on Monday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m. and continue on Tuesday and Wednesday as needed. We will need help on Friday and Saturday of the flea market. There will be breakfast food available for those who help on Saturday. There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board outside the church office for you to sign up for the hours you could help. Please keep in mind we need help Saturday morning to help pack and clean up. It's not just work, it's fellowship and fun, too. Come and join us!!!!

The profits from the flea market are used to support of mission projects and we know you will all help us to reachour goal again this year. 

Thank you.