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Concert Band

Our Concert Band is an opportunity to continue the band experience during the high school years. The class is open to any student at North Eugene who has had previous band experience, either at middle or high school level. The course is designed to introduce students to more traditional wind literature. Because there is no audition required to play in concert band, a wide range of skill levels exists. In concert band, working cooperatively toward group goals is stressed. Great effort is taken in choosing music which will afford group success, as well as offer new challenges for each individual. The Concert Band performs for 4 concerts each year (fall, winter, & two in the spring) as well as other performances that are scheduled.  These concerts depend on full school schedules and the abilities of the group. Football Pep Band is required for all Concert Band Students.  It is our hope that every student will find success in concert band and choose to continue on into Wind Ensemble.

Wind Ensemble and IB Wind Ensemble

The North Eugene Wind Ensemble represents North's finest instrumentalists. By providing a varied and challenging repertoire as the foundation of the curriculum, students will continue to develop and refine their skills as musicians while given the opportunity to appreciate a variety of styles. Through rehearsal and performance, students will develop the skills necessary to perform music accurately, improve their individual skills, and improve the ability to work together towards a common goal; quality performance. Wind Ensemble is open to all students with previous band experience and who are able to complete a successful audition process. The Wind Ensemble performs for 3 concerts each year (winter, spring, and a final one in the spring) as well as other performances that are scheduled.  These concerts depend on full school schedules and they abilities of the group and include music festivals throughout the state. Football Pep Band is required for all Wind Ensemble Students. We hope you will join us for one our many concerts held in the North Eugene High School Auditorium.


Jazz Ensemble and IB Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble at North Eugene represents those who display a high level of interest and aptitude for all types jazz. Members are expected to perform at a level above the average, and set standards for which other musicians strive. The North Eugene Jazz Ensemble takes pride in its' quality of performance and participates in many concerts, festivals, community activities, and civic function. Most Jazz Ensemble students also participate in Wind Ensemble.  Past festivals include the Reno Jazz Festival, Heritage Festival in Anaheim, CA, Portland State University Jazz Festival, Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival, Willamette University Jazz Festival and the Lane Community College Jazz Festival.

Pep Band

North Eugene High School takes pride in a pep band that is exciting and enthusiastic. The members of Jazz Band, Concert Band & Wind Ensemble combine to perform for all home football games. All members of these groups are required to participate.

Because of the overwhelming interest, students are required to talk with the Band Director for North's Basketball Pep Band. The members of the basketball band perform for 10 home basketball games (5 boys, 5 girls) and playoffs when needed. In past years the pep band has competed in the LCC Pep Band Challenge, most recently placing 1st among local high school pep bands. 

Guitar Class

New in 2012!  More information to come.

IB Music Theory

New in 2013!  More information to come.

IB Music History (NOT OFFERED at this time)

New in 2013!  More information to come.

Rhythm & Blues Class  (NOT OFFERED at this time)

Was offered in 2012-13.

String Orchestra  (NOT OFFERED at this time)

Improve musical skills and technical ability through class study, daily rehearsal, and performances of all periods of orchestral composition. In preparation for concerts, the orchestra rehearses with brass, woodwind, and percussion players selected from the band. The orchestra accompanies musical productions by the drama department and performs in several concerts each year. Attendance at these events is required. You must have string experience to participate.

Stage Band  (NOT OFFERED at this time)

Stage Band is designed to introduce students to the idiom of Jazz. The course is open to any students with prior instrumental experience. No limitation is placed on instrumentation, so students of almost any instrument can join. Students are exposed to the many varieties of jazz music through solo and ensemble playing. Students are also introduced to improvisation and theory needed to be proficient with the art of improvisation. The main goal is to help students become acquainted with a style of music that may not have been accessible to them in at middle school and to help those who had a brief opportunity become better jazz musicians.  Most Stage Band students also participate in either Concert Band or Wind Ensemble.