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Family history, Thomas Harry Saunders, Victorian papermaker and philanthropist and the history of the Barfords*—or anything else I think of …

'Watercolour' by Waterlog

One day there will be content worth reading here. In the meantime here is a link to 224, the newsletter of the Deddington & District History Society, which I edited from the start and to photos of the village near Banbury where I then lived and to a map of my travels over the years.

I shall be adding information on the family trees and histories of the Cohens [including the MI6 bit], the Salamans [who were really Solomons and married the Harts, but were only vaguely connected to the ‘Lemon Harts’] and the Josephs [two inter-married families]. 

An oddity is that in the nineteenth century the then unrelated Solomon family married Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler’s daughter Sarah. On the other ‘side’ of the family my great grandfather Nathan S Joseph was also brother-in-law to the Chief Rabbi, as his sister Rachel was married to him and it was only two generations later that the Josephs married a Solomon descendant. Then there are the Waterstons and the Campbells in due course. But be patient, the Campbells are coming!

I might as well mention my interest in T H Saunders, perhaps the biggest papermaker in nineteenth-century England and about whom very little was known until I started researching him so long ago that the latest thing in computers was the BBC micro

But we have moved on a bit since then.

*I have moved from the village, so it is for others to continue this particular research

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