NEHA Contact Information

Board of Directors

 President:  Cherish Jones 
Vice President:
Jayme Pecci
Bill Schwob
727) 797-1381
Bill Ondulich

Tract “C” Directors (area bounded by Rt. 580 to the north, Eastland to the south, Burnt Fork to the East, Landmark to the west )

Harvey 791-8034
Fred Byda 712-3055

Tract “F” Directors (area bounded by Deer Run N. to the north, Enterprise to the south, Landmark to the east and Sweetgum Way W. to the west)

 Leo and Amelia Neuman (727) 796-0723
 Mike Engelmann (727) 726-9390
 Lana Armstrong (727) 797-1921

Tract “G” Directors 
(area bounded by Enterprise to the north and Saber Dr. to the south, Sundancer to the east and Foxhead Way to the west)

We're looking for volunteers!  Interested?  Please contact the NEHA 


 Beautification Coordinator Mike Engelmann (727) 726-9390
 Flag and Signs Fred Byda (727) 712-3055
 Welcoming Coordinator   
 Security Coordinator   
 Newsletter Coordinator   
 Trash and Treasure Coordinator   

We're looking for volunteers!  Interested?  Please contact the NEHA at 

General Questions/Comments
Please contact the NEHA at