Nicholas Griffiths

Historian of Spain, Spanish America and the Colonial Americas

Authored Books

 The Cross and the Serpent

"Tautly organized and gracefully written, The Cross and the Serpent explores with great insight the complex interplay of indigenous beliefs and Christianity in colonial Peru ... Griffiths has substantially revised the common wisdom concerning the interplay of the religious beliefs of the conquered and conquerors in colonial Peru." [Margaret E. Crahan, Hunter College, City University of New York]

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Sacred Dialogues

"A splendid work of synthesis and interpretation...This book is an impressive work of synthesis that presents the most recent scholarship on a complex subject to a wide readership while avoiding simplistic generalisations...An impressive work of scholarship." [Fernando Cervantes, University of Bristol, UK]

Edited Books

Spiritual Encounters

"A set of essays representing some of the most fruitful directions in research on colonial evangelization...Griffiths introduces the volume with a fine comparative review...these essays open up a broad and stimulating perspective on colonial spiritual encounters." [Andrew Orta, University of Illinois]

 University Lectureship

 University of Birmingham