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How is Coltan Mined?

Coltan is mined similarly to how gold was mined in California in the 1800s. Dozens of men work together in streambeds to fill a small bucket with water and mud from the digging in the streams and letting it settle. You want it to settle because Coltan is extremely heavy. A good worker would be most likely to produce 1 kilogram of coltan a day. 
The average Congolese worker makes ten dollars a month, while a coltan miner in the DRC will make ten to fifty dollars a week. 40% of  Congolese miners are children that often only go to school for an hour or so in the morning, if they go to school at all. Working conditions for both children and adults can be terrible with heat, exhaustion and diseases that can spread from streambeds and dirt containing minerals and strange animals that live underground.