Booking in For the 26th Anual NEFTA Classic is now open
The 26th NEFTA Classic will be held at Emley Moor FTC on the 30th of April and 1st of May 2016
Please CLICK HERE for all you need to know about entering this years classic, to see who has entered and view previous years results  Online entry is available once again via paypal as well as by post or in person.
We have pushed the boat out and spared no expense we will be displaying 4 brand new sets of Tecno Target silhouettes on the silhouette range.  We will soon be installing them and will require help from anyone who can lend a hand from within the nefta region please email if you think you can help.

NEFTA Winter League 2015 - 2016
This year we have introduced new perpetual trophies in all grades including AA, A, B, C, SFT, Recoiling, Pistol and Silhouettes these will replace the existing tankards. You will be competing for this as the top prize in each grade and the winner will be immortalized forever.  We expect the trophies to last for many years to come and have been ordered at great expense they are not off the shelf items but have been individually hand crafted to our own specification.  The winner of each trophy will be responsible for it for the year and will need to return it in perfect condition with their name and date engraved on it the following year.

NEFTA Hunter Series 2016
Dates have now been published in the calendar section for the upcoming hunter series.

Emley Moor Win The NEFTA Hunter Series 2015
Congratulations to Emley Moor FTC

Congratulations to all the positional winners this year