NEFTA Winter League 2015 - 2016
Round 3 at Pontefract ARC with a 40 shot course of fire as a trial was conducted on the 08/11/15.  Please ensure you submit feedback on how you think it went and if you would want it to be like this in future winter leagues to your NEFTA Representative in your club so that we can make an informed decision for the 2016 Winter League at the next Meeting on 11/01/2016.

This year we have introduced new perpetual trophies in all grades including AA, A, B, C, SFT, Recoiling, Pistol and Silhouettes these will replace the existing tankards. You will be competing for this as the top prize in each grade and the winner will be immortalized forever.  We expect the trophies to last for many years to come and have been ordered at great expense they are not off the shelf items but will be individually hand crafted to our own specification.  The winner of each trophy will be responsible for it for the year and will need to return it in perfect condition with their name and date engraved on it the following year.  A photo of one will be posted sometime in February when they should be finished.

Jose Redondo (Pepe) is Nefta Classic 2015 Champion

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This was the 25th Classic event and it was a great result for the winner Pepone but equally important to me this year was the commitment of three FT shooters who have competed in all 25 events
Those been Des Edwards, Andy Calpin and James Osborne. To commemorate this we arranged 3 special awards Des and James received 2 special targets custom designed and highly polished to a mirror finnish by Luis Lopez of Techno Targets. The third target was not highly polished this was awarded to Andy Calpin. He received Target NO 25 from the course of each day known as the silver shot. The target was removed from the course on Sunday evening placed on its base. A unique keepsake for Andy to thank him for not only shooting all 25 classics but for also giving us 25 NEFTA Classic Events.

A very special mention goes to Andy Wilson who took the Saturday and Sunday FT Targets by storm winning outright the FT Champ title Truly stunning as an A grade shot showing the AA graders how its done.

I have to mention father and son duo Paul and Red Gallagher Relatively new on the scene Red Took the Junior Title with some awesome shooting. His dad Paul Broke a new record for the first time ever in 25 years 40 misses on the silhouettes on Saturday earned him a new title at the presentation the "Couldn't hit a barn door award" some might see this as a negative however in true classic spirit he received a standing cheer and applause louder than that of given to the champion and by the smile on Paul's face he was happy with his title.

Unlucky this year Conor although I was busy in the stats cabin I wasn't able to witness the shoot off this year between yourself and Pepe I heard it was a real belter of a show piece.

Congratulations to all the positional winners you all put up a fantastic fight.

Thank you to Air Arms for making that one off and very unique TX200 what a beautiful bit of kit with the 25th logo in the pistol grip. Thank you to all the sponsors involved without which we wouldn't be able to give such a huge prize table.

As the classic evolves every year its fantastic to welcome overseas visitors and this year was no exception adding France to our growing profile of countries thank you to Jacky Reimund for visiting us as well as our usual travelers from Germany Stefan and alex. From Spain Jesus, Josean, Jose, Luis, Roberto and Manuel. From Belgium Yeori and Erik. From Italy Dario.

Well done to the Green squad for braving the pouring rain on Sunday morning you all have my admiration for carrying on. I must say Ive been watching the weather forecast nearly every hour for the past two weeks and its caused me some sleepless nights so guys thank you for braving the conditions.

So that's it for another year what next for the 26th thinking caps on eh. See you all soon and thank you for attending.

Emley Moor Win The NEFTA Hunter Series 2015
Congratulations to Emley Moor FTC

Congratulations to all the positional winners this year

NEFTA Win The BFTA Inter Regionals 2015 At Newbury

Congratulations to all who attended

What a fantastic weekend away and fantastic start to the summer season for Team NEFTA. Beating fierce competition from MFTA and WAFTA.  Some excellent shooting made sure we secured the win in what was some of the most challenging conditions.