Round 10 Winter League Pontefract Date Change
Due to clashing with another event round 10 will no longer be held on the 4th of march it will now be held on the 11th of march 2018 no venue change this will still be held at Pontefract

Booking in procedure at NEFTA Events
When attending a NEFTA event at any club you will now be required to sign a register.  This includes if you are not shooting the event ie competitors spouse or just been a marshall any one present on the ground must sign they are present on the ground.

A Reminder about guests / visitors
As per the NEFTA Byelaws

A person who visits the Association's events by invitation of the Management Committee or a registered member of the Association.
A Guest / Visitor may shoot on the Association’s sites provided that on each occasion he / she :-
Produces proof of membership of another recognised association, or Confirms his / her eligibility to shoot by entering his / her name, address and / or other association name in the event’s register of visitors and
Pays the required fees.