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Dragondust (WIP)

In a world where magic fades, Adrian Blacklight, the kingdom's Lord Chancellor, is caught in a struggle between warring factions to possess a legendary object: the Sicle of Lathan. If the enmities weren't bad enough for the state, the fact that no one actually knows what the Sickle does, adds more to Adrian's troubles. And what part does his servant, Momka, play in the greater scheme of things?

Status: Almost finished





Short Stories

(In random order)

Hellcat: Nuben, a priest of the Moon Goddess, finds himself in Hell, summoned there by Magoth, a demon. What for? To look after Mr. Whiskers, Magoth's pet hellcat, while the demon is away.  (The link leads to a friends-locked page).

Status: Will be published in the third issue (Spt. 2007) of the Ballista magazine.



Forthwith for Service: In 3d century Antioch, a scribe copies a pagan text and gets more than he bargained for.

Status: Published in the Oct/Nov. 2006 issue of the Nocturnal Ooze e-zine.



Nine Lives: An unfortunate Summoner, a bored Lord of the Dead and a mischievious cat. (Link goes to a FLocked page).

Status: Published in the April 2007 issue of Renard's Menagerie.



Homage: A dying man, a long-dead Pharaoh and their meeting during one cold night.

Status: Will be published in one of the future issues of All Hallows.



Once a Thief: Who dares to steal Death's Scythe? Follow two thiefs in their adventure through the land of the dead.

Status: Looking for a good home.



Plague Chalice: A handsome thief, a feisty maid and a cursed artifact.

Status: Will be published in the September 2007 issue of the Afterburn SF ezine.



Nine Deaths: A rich heir, a lucky cat and a Machine that predicts mortals' deaths. Who will laugh last?

Status: Looking for a good home.




Fanfiction: Werecat's version of Middle Earth (with sincere apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien).