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Lonely as a child, lonelier as a teenager and practically a hermit as an adult, I’ve lived the better part of my life so far in the company of animals and books. Growing up, I dressed up my single Barbie doll for the road, and set her off for various adventures on Earth or elsewhere.


After 17 years in a job that was killing me slowly, I set off for my own adventure, exploring my two callings: writing and homeopathy. Many--including my own family--called me a fool for giving up the security of a steady job (read: a steady paycheck) for such elusive goals. So far, I’ve proved them wrong. Several members of the Feline Demolition Squad have been treated successfully through homeopathy, and magazines from the UK, US and Canada have accepted my short stories for publication.


As my fellow critiquers in Critique Circle have noted, there’s almost always a cat in my stories--even in deep space. As for my characters, the typical hero and/or heroine never worked for me. My characters are mostly old, with physical disabilities or other disadvantages, like illiteracy. And I like to torment them, and often kill them, something that earned me a place in the Evil Authors Guild, known there as Darth Purr.


As of March 2007, I’m still studying for my diploma in homeopathy and I am close to complete my Creative Writing Course in London School of Journalism.