other aspects

My Other Side

I write as a hobby,  a serious hobby to be precise. I write short stories, poetry, blog etc. I write in Marathi, my language.

In past years I have won prizes for my short stories and blog. Here is the list.

1. One of the best three blogs at Blog Maza Competition. A competition organized by the Marathi news channel Star Maza. 2009

    You can visit my blog  here

2. Consolation prize for my short story 'Ek hoti Vaidehi!' at Saptahik Sakal Kathaspardha. 2009

    Here is the link http://www.maayboli.com/node/21291

3. First prize for my short story 'Mi ani nava paus!' at same Saptahik Sakal Kathaspardha. 2007

    Here is the link http://www.maayboli.com/node/21289

Documentary Film Making

I have ventured into documentary film making as well. I have made one docu for an NGO Ankur based in Raigad district.

The title of the documentary is 'Rahil Tyacha Ghar'.

It talks about the homestead land rights for the tribal farm labour all in Raigad District