Neem tree, botanical name Azadirachta indica, derived from Farsi, "Azad diraklzat-I-Hind” literally means the "noble or free tree of India". Neem is well known for its medicinal and agricultural properties. The dataset comprises not only the basic of neem but also potentiality of neem with various aspects. 

With medicinal and agricultural importance the business regarding commercial products of neem is profound in market. The list of companies is involved in production, marketing, exporting and trading of neem products. This database summarizes the list of companies with their web address, location and product descriptions. 

Navigating data to find specific, useful pieces of information is not always a simple task. This requires organized and managed the data so that it becomes easy to access and utilized. This database summarizes the data, web links, and aimed to provide information on neem for future Neem Researchers around the globe.  

Chemical analysis on the products of Neem tree was extensively undertaken in middle of the 20th century. More than 140 compounds have been isolated from different part of neem. This database incorporates an important neem compounds with their structural diversity and derivatives that furnished from bioinformatics database, Pubchem Compound Database.