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Neely's Collectibles.

posted Oct 12, 2009, 5:35 PM by Francene Neely   [ updated Jan 19, 2014, 10:06 AM ]


The team at Neely's is burning up the wires on Vista Print and other online ordering places.  
We are thinking you would like to have Neely's Brown Pig: CAPS and T-SHIRTS, Mugs, Bags,  and more.  We have also have more Neely's Brown Pig Replica's just perfect for putting on the wall.. So now is the time to show that Brown Pig Pride by getting your own Neely's Logo stuff.


The Camo Cap is truly an original.  
It is made of high grade materials and sewn with 
excellent stitching.  Just the right cap to subtley say I am cool and you are not.  It features th
e Neely's Brown Pig Logo

Only five of these caps were made in the first run and they are almost gone.  Call Neely's to reserve yours TODAY.

                This cap is for the ladies for sure.  
Where else will you find a Pink Camo cap?  Plus it has the added coolness factor of the Neely's Logo.  The logo has over 1,600 stitches to make this  a long lasting choice.

This is a limited edition cap so call Neely's now to make sure you can get one. 

              Maverick RED is for Mavericks. 

Whether you are a Marshall Maverick or you just want to stand out this is a cap of distinction.  The Black Bill and Neely's Logo Black Lettering make this one of our most popular Neely's Caps.

This is a limited edition so call Neely's now to make sure you get one

               Conservative With Style

This cap allows for a great rendition of the Neely's stitched Logo.  Plus it has just at touch of style on the bill.  This cloth cap fits all sizes.

This is a limited edition so call Neely's now to make sure you get one.



                     Texas Patriots Cap

We saved the best for last.  This colorful Camo Cap features the Texas Flag on the bill.  It also has a Texas Flag on the back of the cap.  You are a proud Texan coming and going.

This is a limited edition so call Neely's now to make sure you get one

              NEELYS BROWN PIG MUG 

Now you can have the comfort of sipping you favorite beverage from our World Famous Logo Mug.
We ordered these from Vistaprint so they are pretty expensive.  But they are well worth the price.  The mug features a Big Handle and the Logo on both sides.