NC 5K Road Race

On Friday August 13, 2010, I organized a free Sunset Beach, NC 5K road race. The only official thing it had was a start and finish line and race announcer and a well measured 5K course. We also had a 1, 1.55 and 2 mile makers on the beach. 28 crazy people showed up, including 3 cousins (Joe,Ann and Rosalie). It was nice and hot and humid but everyone had a great time. I had posted 4  8x11 magic marker posters up at the local beach stores and told a few other runners. All comments were very positive and one runner said may be next year we can get free t-shirts from a local real estate company. That would be cool. Here are the pictures I took. I am waiting on one other guy to email me some of his pictures. Thanks to all who came and ran. See you next year.


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