Club Events

1.  Club Social & Meeting 

We will be having our next Needham Running Club meeting/social gathering
  • Dates: February   some time
, email invite to come.
  • Location:
    48 Hawthorn Ave, Needham, MA
  • Time: 8:00 pm

The last few meetings have been very productive, beneficial for all and I think everyone enjoyed the special guests. 
Items to Cover:
  • Welcome any new members.
  • Jan 1st 5K road race planning session. Please bring your ideas and status of any of your action items.
  • Review any past races and talk about up coming races, car pooling, training, tris, fall marathons. 
  • membership dues are due. Please send them to NRC 48 Hawthorn ave, Needham
Please RSVP. 

2.  FrugalMan Practice Triathlon 
  • Dates: Some time in the summer
  • Start Location: Farm Pond in Sherborn
  • Time: 6:30am

Do you want to do a free triathlon? Do you want to do a stress-free early season very casual practice triathlon in May? Well, there is a group of people who will be doing just that on Saturday, July 24 at 6:30am at Farm Pond. Rain date is July 25th same time.

We choose the FrugalMan name for many reasons:

  • it is free, we like to be frugal
  • we also like to be independent New England folks, which means no race support before, during, or after the race.
  • we do not want to pay Sherborn any fees and
  • we do not want any liabilities

This is an independent, self-supported practice triathlon. Some friends and I wanted to practice a full triathlon in the beginning of the season to get our feet wet and see how out of shape we really are. We also wanted a free way to practice in the pristine Farm Pond and get some baselines down.

Everyone is welcome. This is free and not supported in any way by neither club nor charity. All participates need to carry their own gear in and out. There will be no van support, nor race director, nor water stops, nor volunteers, nor street markers, nor medical teams, nor prizes, nor t-shirts (I know that is sad). We will not have any timing either. You save money, we save money, you get a great workout and get to practice your T1,T2, swim forms, and get some beginning of the season baselines. It will be a great time.


  • meet at Farm Pond in Sherborn at 6:00am on July 24 or August 21 or both days with all your gear you need. This means wet suits, bike and running shoes, helmets, goggles, towels, water, GU, extra shirt, and anything you think you need.
  • you can bike or drive to Farm pond.
  • we will be starting the swim on the beach part of Farm Pond at 6:30am, someone will be watching your bike while you swim.
  • Once out of the water, grab your bike and enjoy the 13.16 mile loop,
  • the bike loop will take you back to Farm Pond, there you can leave your bike and transition into the run. Someone will watch the bikes and gear.
  • Then enjoy a 3.5 mile run ending up back at Farm Pond.
  • Then grab all your gear and we will then all leave Farm Pond parking lot. If people want to meet at the Dover/Sherborn HS after for a race review/hanging out that will probably happen.


Bike:  (the bike route uses a marked CRW bike route. The symbol (spray painted on the road) to follow is a T with the stem of the T pointing in the direction of the route)


Bring your friend and relatives. (noooo babysitting is available there).