In the lab

ël Royaut
é is a Post-Doc and joined the lab in May of 2014 after completing his Ph.D. at McGill University. For his Ph.D. Raph worked with jumping spiders and examined behavioral syndrome structure and personality variation in regards to development, sex differences, and effects of human disturbances (e.g. pesticide application) on syndromes and personalities. Here Raph has primarily been working on cricket projects in which we've been looking at trait integration across behavior and metabolism, at developmental affects on personalities and syndromes and a whole suite of other questions.

Monica Berdal
is a Ph.D. student in Zoology and joined the lab Fall 2015. Monica joined the lab after finishing her Masters from NTNU under Jon Wright. Monica's masters project examined behavioral syndrome structure in guppies (and a lot of collaborative work on other species). Monica is looking at how phenotypic and genetic correlations interact with phenotypic plasticity to impact evolutionary responses of populations. Her dissertation will be combining simulation modelling with lab and field experiments.

Courtney Garrison is an M.Sc. student in Zoology and joined the lab Fall 2015. Courtney joined the lab after finishing her Bachelors from NDSU, during which she'd also worked with us on the crickets. She is generally interested in sexual selection and calling behavior. She's investigating how developmental environment and maternal effects affect calling behavior in Acheta domesitcus.


Katie Preston is an M.Sc. student in Zoology and joined the lab Fall 2012--so with the initiation of the lab! She comes to NDSU from Drake University. She most recently worked as a Field Conservation Intern for the Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Zoo working with small mammals. She's interested in conservation and restoration ecology with a focus on tallgrass prairies. Katie will be focusing on community composition and population dynamics of small mammals in tallgrass systems. Katie successfully defended her M.Sc., making her the first student to graduate out of the lab!

Jeff Berens is an M.Sc. student in ECS and joined the lab Fall 2013 Jeff joined the lab as an EPSCoR Graduate Fellow after finishing his Bachelors from Valley City. Jeff has been looking at geometric morphometric variation in Peromyscus spp. and at biotic and abiotic predictors of community composition in tallgrass systems. Jeff successfully defended his M.Sc.!

Undergraduate Researchers
We've all been really lucky to have had a lot of great undergraduates working in the lab and helping in the field this has included:
Tori Schwab, Emily Boyd, Reily Altenburg, Peter Keefe, Lynn Holloway, Alexis Rheault, Lynn Holloway, Katie Pnewski, and Madi Rick.