Rory Madden


Welcome.  I am Senior Lecturer and Departmental Graduate Tutor in the Philosophy Department at University College London. I am Honorary Director of The Aristotelian Society

I took up my current position at UCL in 2008, after completing a D.Phil. at The University of Oxford in 2007.  Prior to that I did a B.Phil. in Philosophy and a B.A. in Physics and Philosophy, also at Oxford.

My current research interests are in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind, especially in issues relating to personal identity and self-consciousness.  You can read my published and forthcoming work below.

You can contact me at:

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'The Place of The Self in Contemporary Metaphysics' to appear in Mind, Self and Person ed. A. O' Hear CUP

'Review: Button, The Limits of Realism' to appear in European Journal of Philosophy

'Self-Consciousness and Its Linguistic Expression' to appear in Action and Verbal Communication, ed. T. Hung Springer

'Thinking Parts' to appear in Essays on Animalism, eds. S. Blatti and P. Snowdon OUP

'Intention and the Self' Proceedings of The Aristotelian Society 2011

'Brain Transplants and Externalism' Oxford Studies in Metaphysics vol 6 eds. K. Bennett and D. Zimmerman OUP 2011

'Could A Brain in a Vat Self-Refer?' European Journal of Philosophy 2010


I am currently supervising or co-supervising PhD students working in the following areas:  intention, linguistic understanding, personal identity, photographic representation, self-knowledge.

I am teaching the following undergraduate and graduate modules in 2012-13 (enrolment keys are required for the UCL Moodle sites)


University of Reading, Departmental Research Seminar

Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series, London

IEAS Conference on Language and Action, Taipei, Taiwan

Eidos Conference on the Philosophy of Kit Fine, Varano Borghi, Italy 

Berkeley-London Graduate Conference Keynote Address, Berkeley CA

Power Structuralism Seminar, Oxford

Kings College London, Cumberland Lodge

Cambridge Moral Sciences Club

York Departmental Colloquium

UCL Graduate Conference

PETAF Subjectivity Workshop Budapest

Aristotelian Society

Warwick Consciousness and Self-Consciousness Group

Stirling Departmental Colloquium

Leeds Centre for Mind and Metaphysics