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The founding meeting of NECS, in Berlin on Febr. 11th 2006 has decided that the annual membership fee is € 20,- (€10,- for students). Paypal is available for payment after having registered.

Please note: This works only for the sum of 20 €, so if you are a student, please write a short note to and we will take that down as the membership fee for two years.

You also can transfer the membership fee to the following bank account:

NECS - European Network for Cinema and Media Studies
Postbank Berlin
BLZ 100 100 10
Konto 29615102
IBAN: DE72100100100029615102

For further information on NECS membership please contact the NECS steering committee.


Please don´t apply for a new account, first try the "can´t remember password"- option below the login-field. If you cannot remember both your password and your username, please write us an email, we can easily reset your password/login! (

However, we would like to kindly ask you to write down your password and username when registering, so the above procedure will not be necessary.

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