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Unlike Necro's flashbacks, here you will find reviews on games

that are released for more recent systems like Nintendo DS and Game Cube.





 I first heard about it last year. Detailed rumors that the big N was planning on turning the tables on poor Mario (as if he hasn't been through enough already) and making him the victim. This would mean that the logical hero of the story would be Princess Peach. And to myself I thought "Hmmm, that might be kind've cute..."

I admit I was a bit skeptical at the time, but now that I've gotten my hands on this little gem for the Nintendo DS, I am very happy with the outcome!

So what do I think? Well, I'm not going to waste your time ruining the story, if you want that, go to a real review of this game. Let me just say that it offers a little bit for everyone. you get your standard staples like platform jumping, coin collecting and simple puzzle solving. But thrown into the mix are new concepts that Mario hasn't seen before, such as the "store". Coins aren't good for extra lives anymore, you actually have to use them as money to buy new abilites for Peach to use against the onslaught of baddies she will face. Speaking of enemies. there are tons of classic baddies, but some of them are hyped up on "emotion", which is the dynamic that drives the game.

You see, Peach has four emotions (or vibes, as they are referred to in the game) that she can "turn on" in order to fight bad guys and solve puzzles. The emotions are happiness, sadness, anger and delight.

Happiness makes you turn into a killer tornado and fly, sadness makes you run faster and spew water from your eyes, anger makes you heavier and burst into flames and delight heals your wounds. When you use the vibe powers, it drains a yellow meter called the "vibe meter". Even with their restrictions, however, the vibes offer new and wonderful ways to kill badguys and solve puzzles. Couple that with the fact that you can still jump on most enemies and kill them, and well - it would seem that the Princess is more that prepared to handle the baddies - but wait, there's more. The Princess is also armed with a creepy talking umbrella (that when shut looks like a smiling yellow penis) which she can swing to kill those meddlesome goombas and koopas. That's right, this is a Princess for a new Generation - armed to the teeth and ready to eat the baddies for breakfast.

So now that you know a little bit about the dynamics of the game, you may be wondering what I think about it. To be honest, I absolutely loved it! In fact, if I had a rating system, I'd give this game four skulls out of five! It has great gameplay with tons of hidden secrets that you will be trying to find for hours on end. Not to mention that, as you play, you unlock awsome mini-games like Tode-Tote, where you have to use the DS stylus to carry Tode through a flaming maze of death.

I've seen alot of reviewers say that this game is too easy, and I admit that it isn't as hard as older Mario games like Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World, but I wouldnt say that the game's not challenging. When you get to later levels in the game, the difficulty does go up. I wouldn't call the game easy, I would say that it is more accessible to younger players, who will not bother with finding all the secrets and puzzle pieces scattered throughout the levels. In this way, Nintendo makes a game that is enjoyable for both younger players and older players as well, which, if you think about it, is a good thing.

So in the end, i think Nintendo has created yet another classic game that has added wonderful detail to the ongoing Mario lore. If you have a DS, no game collection would be complete without a copy of Super Princess Peach.