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MIND EXPANSION 101 isn't about what I have to say (that's what the rest of this website is for!). It's about what other people have to say. Here you will find links to interesting video clips and audio clips, as well as other articles that I think push the limits of human understanding on a variety of subjects. Basically, this is where I list the things that inspire and educate yours truly.

APRIL 15, 2006


 I'll never forget the first time I saw the movie Videodrome, directed by David Cronenberg. My friend Mojo takes this tape out from behind a bunch of Kung Fu movies and smiles. "This one," he says, "this is the one." Then he grinned and whispered, "Long live the new flesh." I had no idea what he was talking about at the time, but I soon understood. The movie "Videodrome" changed my life.

So the other day I'm on IMDB, browsing through the works of some of my favorite directors, and I get to Cronenberg's page and I keep hearing about this short film he did called "Camera", so I dug a little deeper and found that you can actually watch it on Google Video. Follow the link below and watch the movie, then continue to read what I have to say about it. Why am I not telling you anything about the movie? It's better if you go into it knowing nothing about it. Trust me, it's only like 5 minutes long, just watch it.


OK, now that you've seen it, we can talk about it. As it is with most brilliant, potent, abstract pieces of work - the "meaning" is in the eyes of the beholder. So what did I see? Well - I read what other people had to say, and I think what I saw was a lot scarier than most.

This is a movie about time, I think - and how slippery it is. We are forced, as viewers, to dissect what time is, and how it relates to film (cameras). The camera zooms in and out, isolating the narrator - making him look alien and organic at the same time. Every time he said the word death, my heart skipped a beat. After all, just as the Aged Actor who forms the center-piece of the film explains to us, film is time, and time is death.

This is a movie about birth and death. The old Actor (Narrator) personifies the camera - almost making it out to be a childs toy and a monstrous beast at the same time. I think this is a movie about isolation as well - you feel isolated watching it - you start to look at yourself and your "time". There is also the isolation of old and yough, and the gap of understanding.

And the end is the ultimate punch - where I think, if you look close enough you can actually catch the darkness between the frames (As they flick by at mindnumbing speeds) where death waits...

So that's my take on it.

I don't want to give too much away - you just have to watch it. It's very short, only like 6 and a half minutes long, but it hits you in the stomach like a truck and stays with you. Later I found out that it's an extra on the Criterion Collection version of Videodrome - so now I have to buy that.


APRIL 12, 2006


Watch Will Wright deliver this devilishly entertaining speech on game deveilopment and design. Wether you have an interest in games or not, I think you can take valuable information from Mr. Wright. You also get to see a sneak peak of his new game "spore", which looks totally awsome. Trying to describe a Will Wright speach is like trying to write your way out of quicksand, you just have to watch it.