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Here you will find fiction written by Necro. That includes both poetry and prose.

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September 7, 2006

I Dreamt I was Sleeping 

picture and words




 sleep as water full and eager
envelopes me

breathing the nothing breath
of my peers and shadow movements
of yesterday

i relive the peripheral slideshow
in full focus

from birds
and front porches
trees white me out
and my head's in the clouds
reaching towers of chaos heights

behind my hollowness is something

the celestial snow floats about
and almost sings me to sleep
leaving time to curb my hunger

in this place
your soul has one eye

i alone watch

the moons silver nightline sing
as merging beauty will to trees
which energy detaches

hesitantly as doubts soar on

unanswered prayers shrink
heavens acreage
and memorization
limits me to feel
the staining black light
or dead color


April 11, 2006 


picture and words


The sight of those innocent tears' lust -
A trail of them to the door.
Television lighting across
white-noise walls of revenge.
Where is she?
The man with green glasses smashed a hole in the wall.

Nauseating anger vibes of non-control.
Standing in the hotel, cigarrette burning .

But is that all death is to herself?
The morgue worker sewed his lips shut.
Working on the young boy - a too-late
masterpiece of irony, and early dreams.
Or only at first glance? Is she lonely, Death?
Is there more to the equasion that, perhaps -
we cannot see?

He was determined to know.

The wise old walker smiling at the moon -
"Never I was little,"
Looked back at his muddy footsteps which
grew in size, closer they were.
"World was juss too big back then."

Taste of her, imagined -  "I want you." -
to let her be the ghost of his fantasy's peak.
The cab driver watched the arched silohette
of the young girl from afar -
until the night turned off.

"My box plays thoughts of her as needed."


Footsteps later - I'm back in shadows again
it has a rythmic meter
and the ones that do their deeds in the dark
are a silent movie no one sees.