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APRIL 12, 2006

The Depression

By Justin Day

Started March 3rd, 2003 and Finished August 24th, 2004



Acrylic on Masonite, Enhanced Color In Photoshop

The Idea Behind The Painting:

When we get caught up in our own personal bullshit, which is honestly equivalent to a grain of sand on a beach in the grand scheme of things, we often forget to simply breathe and realize that we are all part of a single atom. Soon, the world we build around ourselves becomes a prison. Each pointless worry is one single iron bar that soon spiderwebs into a cage, and there we are, having lost ourselves, on the inside, looking out.

The best medicine for this ailment is a walk in the woods, followed by a stroll through the city, and during both, you are not to consider it as "I WALKING THROUGH THE CITY", but rather,  THE CITY AND I ARE COMING TOGETHER AS ONE", THESE PEOPLE AND THINGS ARE NOT SEPPERATE FROM YOU, THEY ARE A PART OF THE SAME WORLD YOU ARE A PART OF.... look at it this way... think about air, and how it is actually there, made of molecules, and each of these molecules are touching, so the air molecule that is touching your lower lip is also touching another air molecule, and if you follow that chain of molecules, eventually you run into another person, so you and that person are connected....

dont ever forget this, you dont want to be on the inside looking out, that is a horrible place to exist

My Favorite Thing About This Painting:

My favorite things about this painting are the two paintings hanging on the wall behind the main subject. I enjoyed making them, and I think they turned out really cool in the end. I also like the light effect I used on the blinds.

My Least Favorite Thing About the Painting:

I hate the dark area underneith the subjects chin. It doesn't fit, and was simply a mistake I made that I tried to cover over. It doesn't detract from the over-all affect of the piece, in my opinion - It just annoys the hell out of me. The other thing that bothers me is the fact that this painting (the physical masonite board) was lost in our house fire, so all I have left of it are pictures.