A native Kentuckian, Justin Day started his writing career early in life. His first creative prose came in the form of a torturous flight into fantasy written in Kindergarten class, which detailed the capture and punishment of his elementary school principal, who had (earlier that week) wrongly convicted one of his close friends (of a crime he didn't commit) and paddled him without mercy.  Stricken with immense anger, Justin grasped the crayon firmly in his hand and began to scribble the descriptive threat, complete with diagram, using the words his mother had taught him in between ringing up apples at the local fruit stand. He had learned to read and write early, you see. Perhaps too early.

This marked a turning point for the little guy. He learned that words could be used, not only to educate, but to instigate. 

Justin has always stood for equal rights, freedom and justice. As you may have guessed, his first run-in with censorship started at an early age too, as the teacher ripped up the above mentioned diatribe and threw it in the trash, without so much as a second glance. He was sentenced to four swats and a week of no-recess for his actions.

 But did this stop him?

 Justin now spends his time writing social commentary for the web as well as short fiction for publication in magazines. His non-fiction work is recognized for having a notably peculiar "voice" or atmosphere that some consider addictive.  Many say that he has a knack for handeling heavy topics with a blithe attitude, yet without making light of the subject. As for his ficticious work,  it is known to mix various flavors of horror, science-fiction, noir and modern philosophy into a controlled, stream-of-consciousness prose that is both accessible and potent. You can read a sample of his fiction under the fiction heading of the main menu.

 Justin is currently working on his first novel, "Random Transmissions" as well as a collection of short stories. He can be found on weekends, wondering around the nature preserve locked within the Highland Cemetary, looking for more questions that need answering.



Justin isn't the creator of THE HOUSE OF NECROZEN. Full creative rights belong to his alter-ego, Necrozen, who has traversed the web for the last two years looking for the jewel-center of simulated reality. Necrozen was known to appear in Justin's first self-published magazine, Random Transmissions - which had, at it's highest point, a subscribed reader base of over 1,500 people. He was known for writing the types of things that Justin himself would never get involved with. Soon, Necrozen's pieces became more popular that Justin's, which lead to more that a few conflicts of interest. Unfortunately, due to things like housefires and money, the magazine had to be shut down, but Necrozen would not let Justin give up, and so THE HOUSE OF NECROZEN was created.

If none of that made sense, then you're not one of Justin's original subscribed readers, so let me put it another way: This website was created as a fountainhead for Justin's creative works and love of modern technology. Whether anyone reads the site or not (and who knows, because I don't have a counter on this thing), he gets enjoyment out of creating it, just as he did with his original magazine.

For those of you who read his other work, you know what to expect. This website will not focus on any particular Idea or subject, but rather it will be held together by Justin's enveloping sense of exploration. Whether it be a small article discussing an old 8-bit nintendo game or a 10 page dissertation on americas eroding social construct, you can expect him to treat both subjects with the same sense of wonder, lust, humor, and impotence.

So what are you still doing here? Go and explore! Remember that if things don't seem to make sense, that's a good thing. Embrace your own ignorance, for when it leaves, so does your mind's purity - to erode - thus the erudition begins. (THAT'S BOOKLEARNIN', FOLKS!)