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The New England Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society (NEC-NALMS) is the only region wide

organization addressing lake and lake watershed issues.  Chartered in 1993, our purpose is to promote improved understanding of lakes, ponds, reservoirs and impoundments, and their watersheds; the ecosystem of which they are a part; and their protection, restoration and management.  The objectives of NEC-NALMS are:

 1.   to facilitate the exchange of information on the technical and administrative aspects of lake management;

2.   to promote public awareness of lake ecosystems;

3.   to encourage public support for national, regional, state and local programs promoting lake management;

4.   to provide guidance to public and private agencies involved in or planning lake management activities;

5.   to improve the professional status of all persons engaged in any aspect of lake management; and

6.   to identify needs and encourage research on lake ecology and watershed management.